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Our spa complex offers a true retreat, combining Roman and Finnish saunas, a large pool, jacuzzi, cryosauna for health support, phyto chamber for energy restoration, and unmatched massage for complete relaxation. Enjoy harmony and bliss in the oasis of relaxation "Plenty".


Jacuzzi - a luxurious way to unwind. It offers immersion in warm water, allowing muscles to relax and stress to dissipate. Additionally, during the procedure, you can open the roof, creating a natural atmosphere and providing an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy relaxation under the stars. Surrender yourself to the indulgent water ritual for maximum relaxation and satisfaction.


Cryosauna - an innovative spa procedure based on brief exposure to low temperatures, usually around -180°C. This treatment offers numerous health benefits. Cryosauna contributes to reducing inflammation in the body, boosting energy levels, improving sleep, and strengthening the immune system. It also aids in toxin elimination, enhances skin tone, and may assist in managing pain and stress. Cryosauna is an effective path to body recovery and supporting optimal functionality. Highly recommended for athletes!

Finnish sauna

Experience true luxury relaxation at the "Plenty" spa complex! Our Finnish sauna is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The high temperature creates a unique relaxing effect, easing muscle tension and promoting body detoxification. Feel the finesse of traditional Finnish relaxation in a stylish spa environment. You'll not only unwind but also enhance your well-being by improving blood circulation and relieving stress. Indulge yourself at Plenty, where tradition and comfort meet for your wellness.

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